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Our passion for 30 years!

Air Images is a privately owned company, based in Northern England, established in 1991. We have our own aircraft and actively fly all year round on throughout the UK, completing aerial photography surveys, mainly for corporate clients.

Using state of the art photographic and GPS equipment, we are able to offer the services of oblique or true vertical photography. Our aircraft has been modified to include a 'Vertical Aerial Photography Module' which allows us to capture Vertical Photography to scale, which can be Georeferenced / Orthorectified for mapping purposes.

Over the years our library of photographs has grown, to the point where it now holds over one million historical aerial photographs. In addition to our own photography archive, we have access to databases from most other aerial photography libraries. This facility means that we can provide date authenticated, historical aerial photographs of any site in the UK, from the 1940's to present day - an incredible resource to assist with boundary disputes, rights of way issues, planning, legal disputes, development monitoring and access cases.

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Our lovely aircraft

We purchased our faithful aircraft at an auction in 1991. It is a rare two seater, fully aerobatic Cessna FRA 150M Aerobat, Registration G-BEOE, which has changed a lot over the years, both inside and out. The image below shows the rather shabby dark blue and white livery, soon after it joined Air Images, what a blast from the past!
It was soon resprayed with the colourful, sporty bright red scheme it still displays today. Inside the cockpit is regularly updated with current instrumentation and GPS etc. To date G-BEOE has flown over 5,000 for Air Images. Whilst in our ownership, it has been re-engined 3 times, had two propellers (wore the first one out!) and operated throughout the British Isles from Shetland to the Channel Islands and from Ireland to Europe.

A few interesting facts about our aircraft...

In its lifetime, GBEOE has flown for 10,000 hours.

10,000 hours at an average speed of 100kts .... it has therefore flown approximately one million miles! That distance equates to flying 40 times around Planet Earth or to the Moon and back twice over!

Flying 10,000 hours at an average of 2200rpm (revolutions per minute) means that the propeller had completed 220,000,000,000 revolutions! That is 220 Billion! No wonder our first propeller was worn out!

What we do best

Our Main Services

When you need help with boundary dispute resolution, rights of way, planning issues, access disputes, site research, legal disputes, development monitoring and mapping
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We can photograph any site to your specific requirements, anywhere in the country, producing either oblique or vertical photography to include transport infrastructure or other features as required.
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Marketing Materials
A comprehensive range of further products is also available to maximise the benefits of your aerial survey, including many marketing and promotional items.
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