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The many uses for old aerial photographs

Welcome to the dedicated Old Aerial Photographs section of Air Images Ltd. We take pride in offering a highly specialised service, providing access to a wealth of national archive historical aerial photography. Our collection encompasses individual houses, farms, businesses, land, villages, towns, and cities, with images dating from the 1940s to the present day.

Each piece of historical aerial photography is accompanied by date authentication, rendering it an invaluable resource for a wide array of applications, particularly in the resolution of boundary disputes and other legal matters.

Our commitment to preserving and archiving these historical aerial images is underscored by their multifaceted utility. These images serve as compelling evidence in legal disputes, offering a clear and irrefutable perspective on the state of the land and its boundaries over time.

The ability to access and interpret historical aerial photography is instrumental in addressing common issues such as boundary disputes and planning matters. These images provide an unambiguous record of the past, making them an indispensable resource for legal cases, including evidence of land cover.

Old Aerial Photographs can be used an aid in resolving:
Boundary Disputes
Right of Way Disputes
Village Green Applications
Right for Light Issues
Planning / Permitted Development
Land Use Classification Analysis
Environmental Monitoring
Insurance Risk Assessment
Local Interest Studies
Historical Records
Below is an example client case study, showing properties and boundaries over a 60 year period of interest between1964 and 2015. 

Many more project examples more can be seen in our Case Study Gallery - click the link below to take a look at how old aerial photographs can help you ....










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