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Aerial photography
Our passion for the last 30 years, Aerial Photography is still a big part of what we do here at Air Images.
Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, professional aerial photography service with unbeatable quality at affordable prices. We have 30 years experience in our field.

Whatever your aerial photography requirements may be, our organisation will deliver.Aerial photographs are proving to be invaluable aids for websites, marketing, planning, research, development monitoring and presentations.

Based in the North of England, we are the leading provider of high quality aerial photography and operate throughout the British Isles. With our own aircraft, a Cessna FRA 150M Aerobat, and the highest quality Professional Digital Camera Equipment, we have the facility to produce marketing quality aerial photography, either oblique, vertical or line.


Most commonly we are asked to provide oblique aerial photography of subjects. This panoramic photography shows the area or individual building at a roughly 45 degree angle and is ideal for web sites, general marketing, planning, presentations and site monitoring.

All of our oblique aerial photography is conducted using the highest quality equipment and can be supplied either in traditional print form or any digital format.

We also offer a comprehensive range of photographic products.

Below is an example of a typical oblique site survey:


As the name suggests, this method of photography looks straight down on the subject area to produce a map or plan view.

Vertical aerial photography is ideal for surveys of larger and more diverse sites such as pipelines, road routes, mapping, rivers, power lines, forestry, land surveys etc.

The photography can capture a large or small area.

Below are some examples of Vertical Aerial Photography:

This image shows a high altitude view of a large area. Notice the red box highlighting a specific area.
This image reveals a detailed view of the area outlined in the red box.
Urban Mapping
River Survey
Pipeline Survey


A line survey is a continuous photographic sweep over a significant distance - such as a pipeline, power line or coastline. This type of survey can be conducted using either oblique or vertical photography, at high or low altitude.

The aerial line photography service is extensively used to monitor gas and oil pipelines for planning construction and future defence. Line Surveys are also widely used to monitor and plan for erosion control on coastlines and rivers. Such work involves photographing at regular intervals of say 1km, with a slight overlap at either side for continuation.

Air Images are hugely experienced in this specialist field and offer the complete package from detailed planning, to capturing the highest quality aerial line photography, right through to digital presentation and photogrammetry.

Again, we only use the highest quality equipment for our line survey work, which is then supplied to the client in any digital and / or print form.

All imagery provided can be cross referenced with GPS derived mapping data - either Ordnance Survey grid reference or latitude and longitude, date, time and altitude of each image can also be stamped.

The images below are a section of a vast aerial line photography survey to photograph an underground pipeline route. The photographs are taken in scaled segments to show a specific area of interest either side of the line.
The photographs can then be 'stitched' together to produce a larger section:
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